Finder Kit

We are working on
the next generation of search engines!

The search on internet is not evolved at all since 1996.
The search results are often cluttered by not relevent topics and filled by link to sites with ads.

Finder Kit it's not for casual users.
We do not want to be the next big G for consumers that needs only to get the first result's item.

Finder Kit it is for people that needs internet to do their job.
For people that today are spending too much of their precious working time
to go back and forth from the result's to the destination sites.

We are looking for partners and investors


  • U.K. based partners to help to setup the startup company with offices in London.
  • People that have money to invest in the project and not programming skills.
  • Programmers that want to invest their talent to the project (and some money)


  • Worldwide partners to boost the company startup, financing the project.

Contact us!

Important note: we are NOT hiring! - Please do not send you CV.